Report evaluating ethical claims of Starbucks

Ethical Claims, Criticism and Recommendations.


Starbucks started as a small shop in Seattle but now has over 15,000 shops in more than 50 countries. When a company is at such a level, mistakes are bound to happen, but that isn’t an excuse. The propose of this report is to evaluate some of Starbucks ethical claims and how far they lived up to it. The writer gathered information from a lot of reports and certified websites and news outlets. The writer will evaluate their claims in treatment of customers, sustainability and the environment and tax avoidance by Starbucks.


Coffee isn’t just a beverage anymore, it’s a breakfast staple for most people. Majority of the people irrespective of the fact that they are coffee drinkers or not, around the word are familiar with the multi-billion-dollar company called Starbucks. In the globalized 21st century it is strenuous for a business to maintain high standards while being ethical. According to the Cambridge Dictionary (2020) ethics is defined as the study of what is morally right and wrong, or a set of beliefs about what is morally right and wrong.


Ethical claim 1: Treatment of customers


Without a doubt, it is burdensome for a business to be completely ethical and somehow not cause some sort of discomfort for the people. Someone, somewhere out there will always have a problem no matter how laboriously a company is trying. Nevertheless, this isn’t an excuse for Starbucks. Knowingly or unknowingly the company has done a lot of damage. Starbucks being called out on the shameful incident of 2018 was important because a lot of times incidents like these aren’t even reported. Starting with respecting all customers equally Starbucks has a lot of room for improvement.


Firstly, Starbucks should organize more and better training programs for the people it hires. It is very difficult to change the mind of a person but by teaching and showing them through training programs Starbucks can make people realize the effect of certain wrong actions.


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I am a student from the University of Hertfordshire just expressing my views and research!